Our Story


Gabriela Martinez Benecke and Emma Larson-White met while working together at Candle Cafe West and quickly bonded over their shared love of food and wine. Years later, they both sought a change in careers and longed for a business they could call their own. Their shared passion for healthy eating led to a new business idea: a bakery where one can indulge in delicious treats without any guilt. Gaby and Emma launched Gem Bakery® in 2018 with a variety of classic American vegan and gluten-free cookie flavors that are made with natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients.


Gaby and Emma each have over a decade of experience in the restaurant industry. Gaby has worked for vegan celebrity chef Matthew Kenney, consulting for several of his restaurants in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Emma spent a year at the well-known NYC bakery Levain Bakery, training under the owners and learning how to bake breads and pastries. Their time in the industry has been a key factor in their desire to continually protect the environment and conduct their business in a socially responsible manner.